A topological pump of SU(Q) interacting fermions is proposed based on Affleck’s SU(Q) quantum chains associated with a symmetric breaking term characterized by a parameter P/Q with co-prime integers P and Q. Then the pumped charge described by the Chern number is determined by the behavior of edge states based on the bulk edge correspondence that we justify in details. The U(1) gauge invariance of the colored fermions of Q species is essential for the phenomena and the Chern number is explicitly given by using the Diophantine equation of the quantum Hall effect (Hofstadter problem). The paper, “Topological pump of SU(Q) quantum chain and Diophantine equation” by Yasuhiro Hatsugai and Yoshihito Kuno, has been published in Physical Review B on June 2, 2023 (accepted on 5 May 2023). Have a look at. See also arXiv:2210.11646.